The Thinking Crisis of the Piano Firm

To the Kaiqin Banks and all our fellow retailers

Earlier this year, when I attended the American Musical Instrument Fair, I had the privilege of visiting a well-known American musical instrument factory and seeing the elegance of international manufacturers. Travelling together, there are many friends of domestic musical instruments. In the process of visiting the factory, the words that I keep hearing are probably: "Wow, this equipment is used by others!" Those factories in our country can't be compared at all! ___________ "Look at other people's work, those factories in China will only cut corners!" It can not help to find that among the lines of our compatriots, while praising others, we often add a derogatory remark about China. The expression in the language is that everything is good for foreign manufacturers and bad for domestic manufacturers.

Indeed, there are many places worth learning and learning from abroad, but they are actually not as high as you imagine. Like Chinese enterprises, foreign musical instrument manufacturers will constantly face unexpected incidents and problems. After all, the production process of this instrument is very much the same. It is a relatively traditional process, so the production process of this traditional instrument is not as mythical as everyone imagines. Sometimes, while some foreign products are a little better, should we also consider how much they cost? But the words of our compatriots sound to me like slaps on my face one after another. Especially when we hear that our compatriots are hurting our fellow countrymen abroad, our hearts are even worse. At that time, I was thinking that if those Americans could understand, they would look down on China even more. Moreover, if all domestic sales professionals comment on Chinese-made products like this, can Chinese brands still sell in China? Is that why Chinese brands will continue to disappear? Is the economy in recession?

In those days in the United States, I also experienced a very impressive thing. A compatriot was shopping in a shop, and I was standing in line behind him to pay for it. Suddenly, he found several things with the words "MADE IN CHINA" on them, and then directly said to the salesman, "I'm sorry, these made in China, no more." I still remember the salesman's eyes at that time. I couldn't tell whether they were ridiculous or incomprehensible. Really, I blushed so much that I didn't know where to put it. Didn't this fellow countryman know that most things in the United States are made in China? Even Barack Obama Avatar dolls, American Star Spangles and so on, most of the products are made in China. On the contrary, I went to Malaysia on a business trip and took a plane in Hong Kong. On the plane, beside me sat a Singaporean. When he learned that I was a tourist, he enthusiastically introduced Singapore to me along the way. He said how good Singapore is and where it is fun. He also taught me various tourism strategies and told me that I must go to Singapore more. Now, I often compare these two things together, the more I think about it, the less it tastes. They are also ordinary citizens of a country. Singapore is a salesman in his own country. And what about us Chinese? When we go abroad, most of them are still harming our own country.


Here, I would like to say, where there are enterprises that work hard and don't work hard, and many enterprises have their own advantages and shortcomings, just as Japanese automobiles are jokingly called jerry-building and cutting materials for the last drop of water to twist towels, they are still not sold and generally recognized all over the world? What's more, the prices of many brands in China are really very low. In such a seamless environment, these enterprises are still developing steadily and stepping out in the difficult environment step by step. It's not easy to imagine the times and challenges they are facing. At the same time, these Chinese enterprises have to face the competition from Europe, America, Japan and Korea. On the other hand, they have to be rejected by their compatriots and face the pressure from inside and outside. How difficult is it for Chinese enterprises to rise?

Here, I would like to discuss a serious issue with my fellow retailers all over the country. Do you still care about the country's economic development? Are you still concerned about the survival of the country?

This topic is not a big one, nor exaggerated at all! ____________

I was originally a salesman, but later I switched to factory production by smashing pots and selling iron. That is to say, I felt the crisis of China's economy and saw that the United States, Japan and South Korea were plundering China's economy in a disguised way. A foreign brand commodity, made in China, consumed in China, is finally taken most of the profits by foreigners, and only poor sweat money is earned by factories. Now the downside of China is that the environment is polluted, resources are plundered, and eventually they pat their butts and walk away. Factories begin to move to countries like Indonesia and Vietnam in search of cheaper construction sites.

Therefore, developing Chinese brand is my biggest dream. It is not only for money, but also for the sake of this dream, we have to pay a lot of efforts and sacrifices. We even have to bear the risk of ruining our family at any time. In the environment of real economy downturn in recent years, if a business owner does not have tenacious national beliefs, many of them are unable to persevere. Because most of the small and medium-sized enterprises in China are not directly proportional to the pressure and harvest, it is better to invest in sales and services more easily and directly.


At this point, many people in the commodity sales industry may be thinking, "What's all about me? I still sell products, still make money, whether I sell domestic or foreign brands, whether I sell imports or domestic, I make money is the most important. I believe that many people will think that the survival of domestic enterprises and the rise and fall of the national economy have nothing to do with themselves. The question is, where will Mao go without skin? Everyone knows the reason why lip is dead and teeth are cold.

The pillars of China's economy are manufacturing and real estate. But if it's real estate alone, I think everybody's going to eat bricks. In the manufacturing industry, Chinese private enterprises occupy a very important position, providing 75% of the employment rate, and bear more than 60% of the industrial output value, 61% of the GDP of the national economy. Next is the state-owned enterprise, and the state-owned enterprise also has the representative of made in China. Therefore, assuming that both private enterprises and state-owned enterprises in China can not go on, they are difficult to do. It will be accompanied by a great recession and a wave of unemployment! Who will you sell your musical instruments and your products to? Our disaster does not lie in this, and then suppose that these enterprises are transformed to do sales? Everyone's competitors are blooming everywhere, and the price is killing a lot! What about your sales and profit margins? Whether you admit it or not, the threshold for engaging in the commodity sales industry is very low, and now you can enter the industry without even pressing the goods!


Therefore, only when the real economy develops, can China's market economy develop steadily and make progress!

China's economy can flourish!

My fellow citizens in the commodity sales industry, you are the bridges between products and consumers! ___________ I know that you are not only a tool for making money, but also a bridge between Chinese products and Chinese consumers. You shoulder the development and responsibility of national brands. We sell our products, not our country, we are patriotic! China has a lot of good products and entrepreneurs with great intention. In such a short period of reform and opening up, we do have some conditions and technologies that are far behind those of developed countries. But we also have unique advantages, I believe that we will unite, we will always usher in a better tomorrow! Let Made-in-China lead the world and make the manufacturing industry of China globally renowned! __________


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